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AKA Salvatore Thomas Brdar

It's a little-known fact that Tory grew up in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, before moving to Los Angeles in his 20's to pursue a career in music. As he was making his bones in the music industry. His second career of creating luxury finishes for high end furniture became recognized in the LA community. Too many to list, but his clients included Don Henley of The Eagles, Paula Abdul, Bruce Springsteen, Wayne Gretzky and John Fogarty. Dean Martin remains one of Tory's "most memorable" customers!

At the same time, Tory worked for Bootleg Guitars, finishing and artfully decorating electric quilars for artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Walsh Dave Matthews, George Lopez and many more.

During his years in Los Angeles, Tory developed even greater finishing skills through his associations with Egyptian master refinishes, learning complex techniques that allow him to match or create new nearly any stained, painted, painted and glazed, crackle, metallic,lacquered, pin striping, gilt detailed or other specialized finish. He can recreate any image or motifin hand painted form.

In Tory's shop, heirloom pieces that are showing significant wear can be restored to their original beauty. His skills in transforming dated or damaged furniture by applying a sharp new finish, breathe fresh new life into any piece. Through his hands, a tired stained finish can become the bright, colorful focus of any room. Kitchen cabinetry and built in units whose finished are out of style can be modernized by refinishing with an eye to current trends.

Tory's work is on display in many residences, hotels, country clubs, restaurants and office spaces in northeast Ohio and beyond. If you have a project that might include refinishing we hope you will consider a consultation with Tory. He loves his work and we'd love to work with you!


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